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Africa's post-harvest produce banking platform, for farmers to store, manage & monetise their produce
Africa’s Post Harvest Supply Chain Is Broken And Farmers Can’t Generate Enough Income

Farmers are remote & disconnected

Availability of accessible storage facilities creating linkages between rural farmers and off takers

Significant Loss of produce (>50%)

Marketers must link the price to the real and perceived value of the product

Loss of revenue

Out of desperation, farmers are forced to sell produce at significantly discounted prices to traders/middlemen.

No access to capital

Capital and credit constraints limit the rural farmer’s ability to adequately use resources for optimum performance

Cropbank Provides Doorstep Access To End-to-end Post Harvest Supply Chain Solutions. Enabling Farmers To Store, Manage & Monetise Their Produce.

Network of Micro-Warehouses

Network for accesible & affordable solar powered micro-warehouses (Banks), located at farm gate. Farmers are able to deposit as little as one bag of produce


Crops in storage serve as collateral for electronic warehouse receipt based loans.

Market Linkages

Off-takers tap into Crop Banks aggregated supply. With this system, farmers are able to sell even a single bag of produce.

price transparency

We are on a mission to strengthen African food systems by creating access to last-mile infrastructure and services in remote communities. We have started by developing a network of tech-enabled solar-powered micro-warehouses (CropBanks) directly at farmgate. 
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